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The Refresher is a high productivity propane multi-purpose machine for polishing concrete, refreshing terrazzo and stripping; designed for previously polished concrete and terrazzo floors. Hone, polish and burnish concrete and terrazzo floors with diamonds and pads. Strip and scrub VCT floors with strip brushes or pads. The Refresher features dust control capability with a gimbaled, synchronous planetary drive and integral water tank. Drive includes three sets of quick change driver heads/brushes: 3 strip brushes, 3 Velcro drivers and 3 Mighty-Lok drivers.



• Gimbled head follows floor resulting in consistent gloss

• Planetary motion flattens while polishing floor

• Self-leveling, mechanically sealed drive unit

• Synchronous positive drive belt with metal synchronous drive pulleys

• Solid-lube multi-directional bearings with Nylos seals

• Premium German precision centrifugal clutch and custom catalytic muffler

• Rugged powder-coated US steel frame & body

• 8 Gallon water tank for wet operations

• Lowest emissions for 10+ years

• Green certifications: EPA, CARB, LEED, CE, GS-42

• Optional engine meeting Blue Sky standards


The Refresher Multifunction 4-Step Processs: 


STEP 1: Stripping/Deep Scrubbing Strip or deep scrub the floor to remove VCT floor finish, sealer or deeply ground-in soils. Many polished concrete, terrazzo and marble floors have been coated with VCT floor finish or sealer, reducing their luster and making them higher maintenance.


STEP 2: Honing Hone the floor to remove scratches or sealers using the quick-change Velcro® driver with hybrid diamonds. These diamonds will cut more deeply than resins, but not as deeply as metal diamonds, allowing the scratches or sealers to be removed. NOTE: Do not use hybrids on marble floors.


STEP 3: Polishing Polish the floor using the Velcro® drivers with resin puck diamonds or the Mighty-Lok® drive with diamond pads.


STEP 4: Burnishing Apply guard and burnish the floor using the Mighty-Lok® head to accept burnishing pads or diamond impregnated pads. Burnish until the floor heats to 90F / 32C.

Aztec Refresher For VCT, Concrete & Terrazo


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