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MPC-190 Epoxy Countertop Coating System is a clear 2:1 resin coating that is susceptible to reactions with other chemicals. When applying MPC Epoxy Countertop Coating System, the material it is mixed with a hardening agent which creates an extremely durable resistance to weathering and wear and tear caused by harsh chemicals.


MPC-190 Epoxy Coating System acts as an adhesive for countertops and flat surfaces. Sold in either quarts or gallons.



  • Dense surface resistant to bacteria, moisture and easy to clean
  • May apply several layers on itself
  • Contains no solvent, allowing for interior application without harmful odors
  • Excellent adhesive properties, allowing application on other firm and hard coatings, as well as, a good bond to substrate
  • Resist to many chemical products

MPC-190 Epoxy Countertop Kit


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