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Consolideck® PolishGuard is a durable, protective coating that dramatically increases the stain resistance of interior concrete floors. This nonyellowing formulation enhances the appearance of standard gray, integrally colored, dyed, stained or color-hardened concrete floors. If preferred, treated surfaces may be burnished to produce a high-gloss finish.


PolishGuard is ideal for steel-troweled, burnished, polished or  decorative concrete and cement terrazzo floors that are exposed to
accidental spills of food products, household cleaners and industrial solutions.



1 Gallon: 46063-01GALCS

5 Gallon: 46063-05GAL

55 Gallon: 46063-55GAL

Prosoco Consolideck® PolishGuard

PriceFrom $112.95
  • SHELF LIFE 2 years in tightly sealed, unopened container
    VOC CONTENT 100 g/L maximum
    FORM White milky liquid
    PH 8.4
    COVERAGE RATE 400-2000 sq ft/gal. See Product Data Sheet for specific coverage rates.
    FREEZE POINT 32° F (0° C)
    FLASH POINT >200° F (>93° C)
    WT/GAL 8.50 lbs
    AVAILABLE SIZES 1-gal, 5-gal, 55-gal