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When you need a high class scarifier…


SPE have an ongoing development programme to produce new innovative equipment. This along with many years experience in the design and operation of surface preparation equipment has been integrated with the latest computer aided design techniques to produce the BEF 320 Heavy Duty Multiplane. It is the most advanced machine of its type.


  • 320mm (12.6″) working width
  • 400v 3-phase, gasolene/petrol, diesel powered versions
  • Heavy duty design for larger projects
  • 50mm dust extraction port
  • Dust free when operated with SPE 316 vacuum
  • Accurate depth control for precision surface textures and maximum cutter life
  • Hydraulic drum raise and lower
  • Infinately variable speed
  • Self propelled hydrostatic drive
  • Forward and reverse controls
  • Up cutting drum for efficiency
  • Monocoque construction/fabrication

SPE BEF 320 Multi-Plane

  • BEF 320-1A

    Type: 400 or 460v 3Ø

    Power Output (hp/kw): 15 / 11.2

    Cutter Head Speed (rpm): 933

    Cutter Working Width (mm): 320

    Working Distance From Wall (mm): 40

    Length (mm/in): 1230 / 48.4

    Width (mm/in): 590 / 23.2

    Height (mm/in): 1220 / 48

    Weight (kg/lb): 339 / 745.8


    BEF 320-2A

    Type: Gasoline/Petrol

    Power Output (hp/kw): 13 / 9.7

    Cutter Head Speed (rpm): 1333

    Cutter Working Width (mm): 320

    Working Distan