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The Terminator Infinity was designed not only to remove flooring materials with ease, but also to increase your profits. Whether you’re a contractor, distributor, or rental house, the Infinity is the perfect addition to your line-up. It features an all-day battery that lasts 8-12 hours to ensure a full day of work without needing to re-charge. For rental houses, this means a seamless rental, saving you time and money.


With many battery-powered Ride-On Floor Scrapers, a separate charger is needed. While there are benefits to this, carting a charger around isn't always practical, especially for rental houses. We have integrated built-in charging ports right on the front of the Infinity to make this process simple. Using basic power (120v in North America), you can charge the Infinity with basic extension chords from any outlet. The Terminator Infinity comes standard with no maintenance batteries, also known as AGM batteries. This makes maintenance much easier and less time-consuming. On other batteries, there is a surprising amount of upkeep required to keep the batteries in good condition. With our AGM batteries, you will spend less time maintaining them, and more time removing flooring, which is a bottom-line boost for YOU.


  • Safety switch in seat to prevent any movement without a seated operator
  • Zero emissions – safe for use in all indoor applications
  • Hour meter and battery-life indicator
  • Fully enclosed design: protects hydraulics and major components
  • Fits through any standard doorway
  • Adjustable wheel-scraper blades prevents build up of adhesives
  • Integrated fork lift channels for easy loading and unloading
  • Non-marking tires
  • Common quick-change swivel tooling attachment holder
  • Additional weight packages available
  • Adjustable parking brake


Comes with:

  • Terminator Swivel Head 13" Jaw
  • Terminator Swivel Head Ceramic Tile Tooth Holder
  • Saber Claw Carbide Holder (2" & 4")
  • Terminator Swivel Head Travel Dolly, 6" Caster Wheels
  • Terminator 5 Blade Variety Pack
  • InnovaPro Milled Tile Tooth
  • Saber Claw 2" Carbide Tile Tool Bit
  • Terminator Crate


Innovatech Terminator Infinity Ride-On Scraper

SKU: 98-0030