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SCOFIELD® Formula OneTM Lithium Densifier MP is a VOC-free, cost-effective treatment that will extend the nominal service life of concrete floors and reduce ongoing floor maintenance costs. It is a penetrating, semi-transparent liquid for use on architectural concrete surfaces of all types and during the grinding and polishing process to more rapidly produce a terrazzo-like floor surface with improved abrasion resistance, greater gloss retention, higher surface compressive strength and reduced dusting.


SCOFIELD Formula One Lithium Densifier MP is an econom- ical product capable of providing longer life and higher reflec- tivity (gloss) for colored concrete and ground and polished concrete floors of all types. The treated and finished concrete will provide a surface that is nontoxic, easy-to-maintain, and environmentally sound with a low to moderate sheen. This product does not contain sodium silicate or potassium silicate. When properly installed, it will not leave the whitish surface bloom characteristic of nonarchitectural silicate products.


The application rate of SCOFIELD Formula One Lithium Densi- fier MP is largely determined by the porosity of the concrete at the time of treatment. The porosity of the concrete will also determine the dilution rate as described in the paragraph below. Concrete must be over 28 days old prior to the applica- tion of SCOFIELD Formula One Lithium Densifier MP. Steel troweled, normally porous concrete or concrete ground to a 80–200 grit surface profile will typically require an application rate of 200–400 square feet per gallon (5–10 m2/L) undiluted.


Some of the advantages to this high-solids formulation are:

  • LOWER COST. You get twice the usable material for the same price. Your money goes twice as far!
  • REDUCED INVENTORY. You can get the desired amount of usable material by stocking half the units.
  • REDUCED TRANSPORTATION TO JOBSITE. You only need to transport half the amount of liquid hardener needed. An empty bucket and water will do the rest.
  • REDUCES THE NEED TO DOUBLE DENSIFY A FLOOR. The solids content can be adjusted in the field depending on the porosity of the concrete substrate. Refer to the Tech-Data Bulletin for more details.

Scofield Formula One Lithium Densifier (5 Gal.)


Our epoxy calculator is designed to help you plan out how much product you will need before moving forward with your epoxy flooring/countertop job. Choose from our various selections of what pertains to your square footage, the type of top coat finish you desire, and as well as primer / decorative coats. Always make sure to have more material than less, as it is crucial to have it with you on the site in case of mistakes or inaccurate application. For any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask by sending a chat request or contacting our phone number: (856)-210-3278



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